.​.​.​I Can Still See You

by I Met A Yeti

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released December 23, 2016

Vocals - David Chamberlin
Vocals - Yaseen Aboutaleb
Guitar - Freddie Criales
Guitar - Anthony Gonzalez
Bass - Lui Wancel
Drums - Alexander Torresola

Trumpet - Lui
Piano - David

Album Art by Parker Benedict
Engineered/Mixed/Produced by David Chamberlin
Additional Engineering by Donny Gitschier
Special Thanks to Paul Hundeby, Robert James, Jon Gant, Irene Gilman and Jesus H. Christ



all rights reserved


I Met A Yeti Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Windows Closed (But I Can Still See You)
What words can I say that would keep this door open
My poems have become cheap
Give me your time and I'll turn anything
Into something golden
Cause every moment you abide me
I thought I had everything figured out, planned out to perfection
That might of been the problem
Cause after all there’s no such thing as perfect perfection

And now I know what it’s like to be alone

I try to reach you but you’re like the hand of god
(There's nowhere you could be)
Every time a little further
(It's almost like you're not real)
But you never grab my hand
(It's always waiting for you)
I realize later your hand was never there

And now I know what it’s like to be alone

Now, I’m left with no more words
Just let me take a few more steps towards
Just let me take
Let me take

Please don’t just shut the door
Let me a take step towards
A few more steps towards
I see the lies
It was wrong to hide
And everyone knows, and everyone knows

(You take away)
You're like the hands of god
There's nowhere you could be
Track Name: Tabs
I stare at the ceiling
Never knew it could dance
Manipulating feeling
As if something is amiss
(What's going on?)

Holy shit, what the fuck
Do you see what I see
“Nah dude what is it?”
His face is melting
I think he’s gone mad
But me, I’m just slipping
Pass me that charcoal
Let’s burn through the ceiling
Calm my nerves inside

Oh it’s unnatural
Would you like it if I changed your mind?
Are we dreaming?
Now we’re dreaming
Yeah we’re dreaming

Damn this shit just came back up
Damn this shit just came back up
My chest is collapsing
My eyes are a big as an anime cats

I would tell you a million times
Track Name: Where's Nelson?
Floating in the twilight (Searching for a reason)
Living in a Black hole (Constantly running into myself)
No arms to pull you from your self-doubt
So you break (I got the greatest cure)

People racing
Grabbing cement
To build their monuments
You've been feeling embarrassed
Even feeling
(That you don't know what to build)

For those who feel like an alien
Walking among the strangest people
Always cutting down their qualities
Making us feel more unequal
No one is important anyways
To keep searching to feel something
Running into obstacles and feeling obsolete
I’ll keep telling myself to ignore it
Ignore, ignore, ignore it

I wish I could say
The older the easier

You can only grow
To build your wake

Speak out of your love
Forget about hate and try to repent
Stay strong and stay true and keep pushing through
Something or someone good will come your way
Track Name: Is It Free, Or Isn't It?
I will always remember
The time that we spent
And all the conversations we had

You made things seem so clear
But now its all over
Now it seems over
Now it's all over
(Hopped in my travel time machine
Got class, straight A's I'm Charlie Sheen
Black skirt, hair up, and sexy knees
Hentai, Nibai!, ICUP
I know what you like
Thats not what I like
You're short like I'm high
Not good with goodbyes)

You we're the only one
That truly understood me
And you made all my anxiety go away

You made me want to be a better person
Theres a million other things
I want to tell you but I don't think that i can
And someone had told me
That if you put all of your love in a flower
It doesn't mean it'll grow

You wanna go here or there?
I'll take you there,
But baby girl I don't know
Track Name: Nami
You never told us
You never told us
Even when we’re like family to you
You never heard us
You never heard our voices smothering you
I wanna hear your problems
Tell me who you love now
I wanna hear your stories
Tell me who's to blame

Should I hate the chemicals in your brain
Or should I kill your ex
Maybe I let this happen
I feel like I'm to blame in someway
Should I try to believe that you’re safe
And re-establish faith
I guess I know that you're gone
And that will never change

Hey girl!
Whatchu got to lose? I call you up for a drink; you rather hit the snooze
Now I’m stuck in my head and i’m the one to blame,
i guess i was the devil, you were the pretty saint
Hey girl!
I call you up real late with having no words to say, i feel like i am the shame
I guess you're doing your thing and i’ll be stuck in my ways
Last thing i remember you told me is that you’re moving away

Just to know your home safe
(I’m scheming a plan, with you in the end,
How could one be cancer yet also the answer?)

I’d give up my love and pursuit of happiness
(I have to find her i have to find her!)
I'd cut out my eyes and live within emptiness
(I think i am sinking, you’re killing me swiftly!)
You know it's not easy for me to say
What you really mean to me
(I got the sickest plan, i have to find her now)

You'd always make me
You'd always make me
Mad at you for the littlest things
I'd never listen
I'd never listen
When you’d try to tell me to behave
I guess the years will pass by
And memories will fade
Through crippling dementia
Eventually I’ll forget your face

When we were born apart
And where are you now?
( I know you feel it, i know you feel it, i know you feel it when you’re up at night
I wanna feel it, i wanna feel it, i wanna know how to feel alive)
Track Name: Disassociated
I want to be dissociated
I don't want to care
I want to feel like a dream
I don't want you to remind me I'm here
I want to float in a river of my thoughts I don't want anyone polluting my water
I want to lay like a leaf that's fallen from a tree

I can only continue living outside myself
I don't want to be here physically
I don't want to be here mentally
This will do for now

What do I need to unchain my spirit
How much of this do I need to feel emotionless
When will I start to feel like nothing
Will this help me find myself
I can only continue living outside myself
I don't want to be here physically
I don't want to be here mentally
This will do for now
Now that I've become more cynical
And I hate everyone, including myself
Like a plug I want to be disconnected
I just want to power out
I don't want to feel here